After an 88-year history in the Apicultural industry the founders of B-Naturals revived the brand to promote all natural Health & Medical care products to the world market.

Using technology, historical expertise and medical research, B-Naturals has developed to become an industry leader in the field of natural therapeutic products based around products produced by honey bees.

B-Naturals discovered that honey from West Australian’s unique pollution free south west including the Jarrah tree, has a naturally high antibacterial activity that strongly inhibits the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus, otherwise known as Golden Staph. Controlling Golden Staph, and other bacteria effecting wounds to the body is vital as more and more people become resistant to antibiotic treatments.

The antibacterial activity of the honey is derived via an enzyme in the honey, The anti-bacterial and healing effects of honey have been known for thousands of years.

B-Naturals Medicated Honey, combined with the therapeutic qualities of sandalwood, is the 100% natural treatment for minor wounds and abrasions.